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Our Philosophy

We won’t be counted among the biggest, but we belong to the best!


That is also the motto of our family business. Our business ideas and long term strategies define our actions. Honest and fair conduct towards our clients, suppliers and subcontractors is very important to us. That is the reason for our longlasting and impressive partnerships.

Our Employees

At our company, the employee as a person, takes centre stage. People are our top priority. A company can only be succesful, if the employees are fully behind it. Our employees don’t only do a good job, they want to do an outstanding job. We truely appreciate our administrative staff, drivers and mechanics. We are fortunate to have an amazing team working for us.

Andreas Ritter

Owner and Managing Partner

- Dispatch
- Fleet Management

Britta Winkle-Wolf

Owner and Managing Partner

- Dispatch
- Finance, Cost Accounting
- Corporate Health Management

Franco Sannino

General Manager

- Dispatch
- Accounts Receivable

Regina Ritter

- Reception

Erika Wolf

- Office Manager


- Local and long distance trucking

Workplace Health Promotion

Our physical performance and mental concentration are in a direct correlation to the food we ingest. Unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyles and every day stressors make it hard for us to follow a healthy diet.

Our western lifestyles and diets can contribute to diseases like dental cavities, periodontal disease, rheumatism, diabetes, gout, obesity, liver damage, gall stones, kidney stones, intestinal disorders, digestive problems, varicose veins, thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, allergies, weakened immune system and inflammations.

We want to set new standards in the workplace. We want to inspire and motivate everyone to a healthier lifestyle.

Due to the increased demand, we now offer from our in-house medically certified health advisor, nutritional dietary counselling, coaching and lectures for everyone.

Britta Winkle-Wolf
Medically certified health advisor GGB
(Ärztlich geprüfte Gesundheitsberaterin GGB)

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Our company’s history

Our trucking company was founded in 1842 by Abraham Wolf. From the horse drawn carriage, evolved an impressive internationally recognized trucking company. In 1976 Alfred Wolf Inc. was entered into the commercial registry. The company is currently being managed by the 6th generation. A traditional family business that is managed with innovation and social responsiblity.

Model of the orginal horse drawn carriage

Alfred Wolf, CEO

Well prepared for the future