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Our environmental responsibility

We see it as our duty to examine and scrutinize our activities with regard to our impact on the environment.


Alfred Wolf Inc., always strives to reduce our carbon footprint by conducting our business with the utmost in environmental responsibility, in accordance with current technology and current economic conditions.

Our operational standards

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Installed on the roof of the company’s maintenance building, for the production of alternate electricity.

Rain water Collection

We have our own truck wash facility on site to maintain our fleet. The truck wash facility runs on collected rainwater, saving costs and saving our environment.

Freight efficiency Optimization

Through professional scheduling and cooperation with several different freight exchange websites, unnecessary empty runs can be avoided.

Reusable packaging and pallet exchange

Pallet exchange and reusable cardboard packaging.

Body shop on site

The fleet is maintained in our own maintenance building, on site.

On site Fuel Terminal

Inspected and operated according to the latest environmental standards.

Outdoor Storage Terminal

Outside storage on secured company premises.

Transfer and Cross – Docking Services

We can provide rapid and variable transfer service on site, through the use of forklifts.


Experience Alfred Wolf Inc., can proudly look back on strong and longterm sustainable relationships with other freight forwarders and subcontractors.

Satisfaction Transport for automotive suppliers, wood and steel industry have been carried out to the highest satisfaction of our customers, for decades.

Network We have the ability to react promptly to your immediate trucking requests, due to our affiliation to different freight exchange websites.

Stronger together To further optimize our service for regional shipping and trucking, we are always open to new affiliations and collaberations.